This is NOT a sports blog

Just looked back at the first two posts, and realised that I’ve come across as a cynical sports fan…

…well, I am cynical, at least some of the time, and yes I love certain sports. I had better explain though that between America and myself, what is termed “sports” differs. Me, I like Rugby (Union more than league), not football (soccer) and not football (American). I like cricket, but only when the sun is shining, and the match is played in a timezone where I can enjoy listening to the coverage on BBC Radio 4 longwave in said sunshine. I love certain forms of motorsport, namely BTCC, Le Mans and GT racing, World Rally, and, occaisionally when it remembers that there is more to life than sponsorship, Formula One.

As anyone in the land of George Dubbya will know, none of these sports have much of a in the way of coverage this side of the pond. The sports pages of national papers will spend more pages on any one of the following; college football (American), baseball, and basketball, than they will spend on lines for all other sports combined.

But back to the original point, even after the above words, THIS IS NOT A SPORTS BLOG… there is so much more in my world that drives me to laughter of various degrees of sanity, and that is what all this spouting of bits is for. So I will now strive to avoid any mention of sporting activities for at least the next few posts, in fact I’ll try and start right now…

As someone who is somewhat distantly related to the US Navy via marriage, and eager to bring a more Virginian note to the blog, I saw that the author, historian, Marine, and former Secretary of the Navy, Jim Webb has now announced he does plan to run for US Senate, as reported here in the Washington Post. It should make for an exciting race!


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