Snow problem?

Watching weather reports in the D.C. Metro area can be a very strange experience to those of us raised on a diet of Michael Fish and magnetic icons sliding down a wallchart of the UK. Doppler radar, long range satellite imagery, and far more predictable weather patterns lead to an almost clairvoiant approach to forecasting, to the extent that shortly after I arrived in 2003 Hurricane Isabel blasted into the east coast and we watched her approach for the entire week beforehand on The Weather Channel. Nothing like sending satellite images of the eye of the storm with the predicted track marked in red arrows to cheer up ones relatives back home 🙂

So tonight we are waiting for a “Snow Event” when up to a foot of the frozen white stuff may descend upon the area. The office chat all day Friday was how much, and how soon it would start, with some coworkers eager to leave early in case the storm hit sooner than predicted…or maybe just because it was Friday! So who knows, maybe the balmy winter we’ve experienced so far is over, and I’ll awake tomorrow to a land covered in the “deep and crisp and even” frosting. If so, expect me to post pictures of sledding!!!


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