Who am I?

Well, in an effort to better understand who I am I have just spent half an hour reviewing myself using the 60 Minute Makeover in the January edition of Cotswold Life (I may be in the US, but I like to spend some time mentally at ‘home’ every once in a while). So what was the outcome? Quite suprising actually…

According to their “How much do you like yourself?” questionaire, I am a realist who sees fact very clearly. However, I may be excessively matter of fact and unemotional, a little too resigned to my status in life.

My score on the “Discomfort Index”, which is designed to measure how happy or unhappy you are with the way in which you see yourself, had me coming out as “Low Discomfort”. This means I have a rather good view of myself and am able to cope with life quite easily and without undue self-doubt.

Then came the “Stress Test”. Here my scores were split 4/3 between “Addictive Personality” and “Control Freak”. Now that doesn’t sound too good, but since the only alternative was “The Ostrich”, I didn’t think I did too bad… These findings accurately described me as someone who walks, talks, and eats quickly (too quickly some say), and as someone with a low boredom threshold and short temper. It also exposed my tendancy to reach for a packet of biscuits, or the chocolate bar when stressed… good thing I don’t smoke! The advice for me is to learn to delegate, spend time thinking calmy and planning my actions, to talk over my thoughts and problems, and to spend twenty minutes a day sitting still doing nothing but relax.

So, on the whole no real surprises for me there. I’m not sure if everyone I know would agree with the results, and does Blogging count as sitting still doing nothing? As someone who has never been able to keep a diary, writing here in this blog is an important step for me, I need to get my thoughts out, and to relax more with communication… so it might not make for exciting reading, and so far my mind does appear to have flown all over the shop, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day…. this is all a learning experience, and is moving me forwards!

Hmmmm, mustn’t forget to talk about How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci sometime soon…


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