Grazing on Creativity – I

I realised that the “Links” in the sidebar were slowly but ceaselessly expanding. So instead of letting it crawl ever further down the page I thought I’d blog it instead…

There are many websites that excite me with their imagination and creativity. I’m not coming over all geeky and web2.0 but talking about pure and simple style, combined with good ideas. So I’ll blog one every now and then, to share my favourites with the world at large…

A perfect example of a wonderfully simple and functional site is stock.xchng, the leading free stock photography site. A picture tells a thousand words (I’m working on the thousand word part right now), and sometimes an image will spark creativity within you like nothing else can. With a huge variety of images, the ability to contribute if your work is up to it, and that magic word of “free”, this is the ideal place to start your hunt for a specific image, or to just spend some time looking for that perfect mixer to go with your creative juices!


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