Redefining “Inshore Lifeboat”

Okay, so it is another UK story, but for the second month running a Freeview (similar to DirectTV for our US readers) set-top box has decided to switch from being a receiver to transmitting a distress signal on a known emergency frequency! Sounds to me like a programmer’s test of an error code has escaped into the wild. More worrying is the quote from an ‘OFCOM’ spokesman that;

These are two instances in the millions of boxes being used. It’s a very small number, and we don’t believe it is a widespread problem.

I’d say two in less than 50 days, in the same geographical region, might be cause for an in depth investigation at least! It also raises the question of how many of the devices in our homes are doing things we didn’t know they could?

So if a lifeboat appears at your front door, tell them you were watching “UK Gold” 🙂
[Follow the link in the post title for the full BBC News story]

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