Hot snow!

[Firstly, if the preview image looks weird, I know, I have no idea why a jpg from my cameraphone appears to cause problems for Blogger, but hey, my head feels like that right now. If you click, the larger image is fine!]

So, first up some honesty, I suffer from migraine and over the years I’ve come to spot those early warning signs of a mental storm coming. So when a collegue commented on me mixing my words and seeming “out of focus” I decided I better do something. When I’m at work I can’t take my normal action, which is some prescription migraine medication and about four hours sleep, so I went for the alternative that can occaisionally work, and took two Tylenol and a short walk…

…the weather today is most strange. To my English eyes, snow on the ground and clear blue skies should mean a freezing day, but not so in Virginia. It is about 55f (just over 12c), sunny, and feels surprisingly warm, the air is dry and tastes cool compared to the usual Virginian humid heat. About a half mile from my office there is a neighbourhood which borders on a pretty pool (read drainage pool) and although the eight pairs of Mallard ducks I saw last week were not present, the change of scenery was just what I needed to lift my mind into a more functional state. Now the question is, with the screen seeming to flicker before my eyes, and an office full of noisy neon lights, will I make it to the end of the day feeling as good as I do now…

Only two hours until I have a cup of tea 🙂


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