A quick update for the last two days when I didn’t manage to squeeze a post in… naughty blogger!
Sounds Like Fun – Saturday 18th February, 2006
Was away from the computer all day, and forgot to mobo-blog, so no post. Spent the afternoon looking at keyboards with Laura and Chris(G), and realising that I don’t know much about music, but can certainly learn a lot about it from the two of them!!!

Another Migraine? – Friday 17th February, 2006
Day was overshadowed by a second migraine, two in three days is unusual for me. The weather has been very changeable, which is a potential trigger, but still not a good way to end the week, especially as I’d changed jackets as I was leaving the house, and left all my medication at home… nothing like a day of monitors and neon lights to help with the pain and aura. The easiest way to describe the type of migraine I get is to describe the two main features;
#1. It feels like you cannot focus on an entire object or action. Pouring boiling water into a mug to make tea is almost impossible as I couldn’t seem to make the link between pouring the water, the water flowing, and getting the water in the mug.
#2. It feels like I am controlling my entire body and mind via remote control and there is both delay and interferance on the signal. Walking, or even standing becomes an effort as my legs don’t quite seem to be mine, and picking items up takes a whole heap of guesswork as fingers and hands aren’t quite where they should be.
Add to that a feeling that all light and dark objects are blurring or strobing, and throw in dizziness and nausea for good measure, and that is why I didn’t post on Friday:)


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