A Grown Up Moment

Be kind to your teeth and go to the dentist.

I mean it. Be kind to your teeth, and go to the dentist! Brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and whitening strips are a good start, but you need to go for those regular check-ups.

I know, because I didn’t for about seven years. I will admit it was all down to fear. The needle, the drill, the sounds and smells of the dental surgery would give me sweaty palms, a dry mouth, and a racing heart. As time passed by even regular checkups were too much, and so I stopped…

On moving to the States I heard new dental stories. There was less talk of NHS (national health service) horror experiences, and more talk of interesting drugs and gasses. I’d never had gas, and so thought I’d give the whole experience a try one last time. The news from that brief review was not good, actually it was horrific, eleven cavities, four suspected root canals, and four wisdom teeth to remove. I was shocked, I’d never had toothache, and aside from the odd mouth ulcer I thought I was in an average state. Since then I’ve been in the chair at least once every two weeks and have grown to learn that the drugs do work, the experience is relatively painless whilst you are in the chair (recovery afterwards can be a little painful at times), and that if I had made my regular cleanings I would have avoided almost all of the work.

So while I sit here, slightly dazed on prescription painkillers, and wondering if I should try walking down the stairs to make a cup of tea, or just collapse asleep on the bed for an hour or two, I’ll say to you all once again…

Be kind to your teeth and go to the dentist.


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