Modern Life is Rubbish

No, this isn’t my view of the world today, which is currently warped by pain from yesterdays root canal work, a glass of fine red wine, and some prescription pain relief…

However, because of the combination mentioned above, todays blog is short and sweet, serving one purpose, to plug a brilliant DVD which I am now watching for the third time…

I never saw Blur live in action when I should have done, when at college in England in the early/mid ’90s. I sang along to every tune though, and when it came to the battle of the bands I was for Blur, and decidedly anti Oasis!!! Sitting back now and listening to their tunes again I feel I am recapturing my youth and enjoying the visual and audio feast that is their greatest hits video DVD. From the first twang of guitars on “She’s So High” through the flying camera angles of “Chemical World” to the beautifully crafted “Country House” their videos are classics, and this DVD should be in every collection, if only to remember a time when music mattered!!!

These guys aren’t Pop Idol fodder, and their talents are storming on today, with rumours of a new Blur album later in 2006. So go on, do yourself a favour, click the link and treat yourself to a serious dose of Cool Britania!


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