Bigger thoughts

Life is a chaotic mix of chemicals in ones brain, a collection of electrical charges sparkling across a complex collection of tissues. The fact that small electrical impulses and chemical imbalances define my, and your, very existence is a thought that always makes me smile. Even the thoughts leading to these words appearing here are just a bunch of chemicals deciding to interact. Cosmically speaking we’re little bits of electricity and carbon moving across a rock we call home. This rock, our Earth, is a just a gravitationally attracted collection of compounds hurtling through a void, a spaceship with no controls.

Okay, so the above is just my opinion, but I feel it is as valid as any other. Those thoughts don’t make me want to wage war, or force my beliefs on another. I don’t need you to donate money to my cause, or change your ways to fit in with my life. I don’t demand your respect, or expect to have it demanded in return.

So why are these thoughts so strange? What makes a person decide their beliefs are the only ones, and that we should all sing their tune? I saw a bumper sticker on my way to work that read

“If You’re Living Like There Is No Heaven, You’d Better Be Right!”

and it made me wonder what the person driving the car was thinking, and what they wanted me to make of their vehicular adornment. Was I meant to screech to a halt and beg forgiveness, or chase them down with a rolled up copy of The Big Bang Theory? On the one hand, it is an example of free speech that one can show one’s feelings that way, but at the same time I’d consider it a confrontational religious banner that is on the same side of the coin as all other forms of religious extremism, which frequently slide into bigotry and war.

I’m an analyst, a creative, and a scientist… I’m happy the way I am. I just wish more of the world could say the same…


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