Grazing on Creativity – II

The World Wide Web is an amazing place. Since Tim Berners Lee had a splendid idea which lead to the whole shebang the concept has grown in ways that could never have been imagined in those early formative days. The basic technology hasn’t changed a whole lot, if you ignore the growth of infrastructure and bandwidth, but some ‘minor’ additions have made differences larger than the sum of their parts.

At a time when Web 2.0 has become a popular buzzword for anything new and (in a Firefly sense) shiny, you need to see what the existing tech can do. Whenever I feel uninspired with the whole internet (those moments when you jack in and there is just nothing on the internet), or more realistically when I feel the style is not growing I go to CSS Zen Garden and find myself caught up in how the same text can have so many meanings using capabilities that are literally, if not physically, at my fingertips.

So if you feel there is “nothing on the internet” or are stuck for a general clue as to what can be done with a page of simple text, then check them out, and let me know if it inspires you as much as it does me 🙂


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