Rhyming Idiot

There was once upon a time,
I’d cover pages in hopeless rhyme,
It’s been while a since I did it,
So do be warned incase it doesn’t quite end like you expect it to and doesn’t make much sense!!!

Two jottings names “Inspiration 1&2”, written now, February 26, 2006, and all my own work.

To write a poem you must begin,
To think a word and type it in,
Be it straight prose,
Or rhyming couplet,
You’ll find it flows,
Unless you forget,
The word you want,
You know its there,
Ripe to be plucked,
From the waiting air.

If inspiration were a liquid,
What colour would it be?
And would you have to pay to sip it?
Or would it flow for free?
If all the thoughts you’d ever had,
And ideas you thought you knew,
Were floating there in all their splendor,
Then you would write rhymes too 🙂


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