Coffee Work

At my office there is a coffee machine, there are also regular and iregular staff members and a CEO who hates finding the coffee pot empty. Combine these elements and you end up with me (the tea drinker) giving a training session, and creating a page on our intranet on coffee etiquette. This is how insane my life can be…

CDLC – Coffee Development Life Cycle

This CDLC uses the linear Waterfall method of coffee development.

The coffee development life cycle is broken down as follows:

  1. Remove filter grid
  2. Insert filter
  3. Insert coffee
  4. Replace filter grid
  5. Insert a clean and empty airpot
  6. Wait for the green light
  7. Press the start button once
  8. Allow coffee to brew
  9. Remove airpot
  10. Close airpot lid
  11. Place the airpot on the serving mat
  12. Remove filter grid
  13. Remove used filter and coffee grounds
  14. Place used filter in trash receptacle
  15. Rinse filter holder
  16. Replace empty filter holder in machine
  17. Wipe down unit for next happy user

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