Sticker #1

You know I’ve been in America too long when I’m sat behind yet another huge SUV at an intersection, and notice that along with the usual mass of religious fish, the “my kids a demi-god at such-n-such elementary”, and the “such-n-such track/soccar/olympic jello shooting” stickers I saw…
Marriage = Man + Woman
and I get an urge to jump from my car with the black Sharpie in the glovebox and make it…
Marriage = SharpiedWoman + Woman


One comment

  1. PDM · April 9, 2006

    I saw the picture of the plastic at the high water mark and was ashamed that it exists. I live in Oregon and, besides my personal efforts to keep my state clean, faithfully volunteer for SOLV (Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism). I DON”T drink bottled water (Prefer porters and stouts as FILTERED water, LOL) and, should you visit, I have seven or eight varities of tea and good black coffee. ;~)

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