As a Brit, one of the things I noticed is that Americans do not thirst for a cup of tea. Back in England you’d arrive at a friend house, and almost immediately “do you want a cup of tea?” would be asked… In the United States you don’t wait to be asked, your hydration must be addressed now, this instant, and you must be in complete control.

Bottled water, it must have been invented here, where the scorching sun will dry the unwary into a parched crisp in mere minutes.

Tap water will not suffice, I demand a branded bottled beverage now

must be the unuttered cry. However, next time you grab that bottle from the cooler, please consider this, the glass in your cupboard will remain there, where will that plastic bottle end up?

This is the flood line of Pohick Creek, in Springfield, Virginia. The high water mark is not denoted by leaves, or moss, or natural flood flotsam, but by a constant ribbon of plastic debris. If this is what it looks like today, what will the future bring?

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