Final Four

When a church displays the sign “The final four; Mathew, Mark, Luke, and George” you know something is up. Sure enough, northern Virginian sports fans are in a state of palpable excitement because George Mason has made it through to the NCAA men’s basketball quarter finals. Many students and fans have even made the long 600-mile trip from Fairfax, Virginia, across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, to Indiana (as you can read in the Washington Post here).

This much excitement for a college/university league is unheard of in Britain, but to give you a sense of the scale here, tonights game will be played in the 58,000 seat RCA Dome in Indianapolis. They’ll probably fill the venue too, which is amazing when you consider that the turnout for Saturdays Premiership Soccar match between Liverpool and West Brom managed only 27,576 (figures from BBC Sport).

So I might not know much about the sport, but I’m going to let myself get caught up in the excitement and head down to the basement now with some beers and watch the game… Can’t get more American than that…

Well, actually you could, the beer will be Newcastle Brown Ale!!!


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