Some things different

Some things in the United States are very different to England, and some things (like lousy phone service, but that is another story) are the same. Take architecture for example, I love the wide diversity I can find here. It is true that I may not have the neolithic longbarrows and Roman constructions of the Cotswolds, but There is a wide and vibrant selection of styles right on my doorstep. Not counting the amazing government architecture of Washington D.C. where columns and vast arches rub shoulders with the beauiful monuments and the cherry trees of the mall, the styles can differ widely from the very English brick buildings of Old Town Alexandria to the rustic wooden sided fishing town/former State capital/tourist attraction appeal of Annapolis, and not forgetting the grand French inspired architecture of the United States Naval Academy.

Which brings me to the point of the post. Why is it that with all these wonderful examples there are still thousands of new developments that are throwing up wooden framed, vinyl sided townhomes that are practically on top of each other. The following is a typical example of a community built within the last 5 years in Fairfax.

Townhomes in Fairfax

If you listen carefully you can almost hear Pierre-Charles L’Enfant muttering!


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