Storm Warning

Weather happens quickly, and even with the technological advances available in the US, a fast moving storm can be exceptionally distructive. After the natural disasters that struck the States last year, it seems that we’re in for another tough year, with a record number of tornados occuring this early in the season. Just a freak of nature, or outcome of gobal warming, I’m not sure, but as I look out the window I can see the remenants of today’s storm which brought death and destruction to the central states (see link above) has just rolled through Virginia, heading east.

I drove home in bright sunshine on a warm, low 70s, spring day. An hour later I was wrapping my car in covers and blankets against a threat of inch thick hailstones and tornado force winds. Now, ninety minutes later, I’m listening to the last rumbles of thunder of the leading edge of the storm blow away. The temperature has dropped twenty degrees, and we’re in for a wet and stormy night.


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