Building Up!

Last Thursday on my way to dinner, I passed a small, rundown home (as seen in the centre of this image)at the intersection of Shirley Gate, and Lee Highway (Route 29) in Fairfax, Virginia. This small brick home looked to be about fifty or sixty years old, and has stood derelict for some time, at least the last two and a half years to my knowledge. The friend I was with commented how it was amazing that such a piece of prime real estate could stand in such a rundown condition when so much of the local area is being developed within an inch of its life.

Well, as I drove up this morning, this is the sight that greeted me.

Seems like the time for reconstruction had come, and unfortunately the traffic light changed just as I grabbed this shot, so the chimney tumbling was a moment not captured for posterity.

So now my question has to be, what will be the replacement for this busy intersection. I certainly wouldn’t want my home there, on a major junction with no easy access route. I believe it will be a retail zoned construction, and as there isn’t a Starbucks in either direction for at least half a mile I’m guessing it’ll be another frothy coffee shop. You can be sure I’ll update you as soon as I find out!


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