No Pain, No Flame!

Living in a “townhome community” (or cul-de-sac as we’d say in Britain) surrounded by trees, you find a whole new way of appreciating the local environment. Earlier this week a team of professional arborists (guys with chainsaws and experience) visited our neighbourhood. They skillfully removed trees that, if left to the tornado warnings and thunderstorms, could have posed a threat to life and property. These arborists also, at the request of my father in law, cut the felled logs into neat 18 inch sections…

Hence tonights post, because my townhome has two nice, large, full effect fireplaces, and to keep them loaded with logs through the winter would cost a small fortune on the modern log buying market. Instead my father-in-law and I invested in a small, electronic, log splitter. This small, heavy device managed to pay for itself in a single season, and is the only reason I never had to buy firewood last winter. When the trained arborists leave, my father-in-law and I pounce upon the neatly chopped debris. Trust me, we leave ample deadfall for wildlife, and we also ensure that all our neighbours have a fair run at the logs, but we do have a gleam in our eye, and a plan prepared, which means that this weeks small dead oak felled by professionals will end up looking like last years small dead oak felled by professionals. Something like this in fact…

split already?

Now does anyone know how to stop tomorrows back ache?


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