Staring at the moon

Music: Leftfield – Leftism

There is a wonderful full moon tonight, the sky is clear, and the air is that strange humid warmth unique to Virginia in spring. According to it is 64 degrees outside, and it feels it. The strange thing is that compared to “home” in England, the moon has been tilted by about 30 degrees from what I feel should be normal! It is the little things, like the angle of the moon, that reminds one that you’re in a strange land…

Today has been a good day for two reasons….

#1. I had my first conversation with my best friends son. It was a little one sided, since one of us was only a month old, and could just about manage a gurgle into the phone. However, in terms of bringing sunshine into an already sunny day, it was a real boost, and gave me a silly grin for the afternoon!

#2. When I’ve been talking to England at lunchtime, and hearing the latest gossip, it is only to be expected that I’d become a little homesick… Well, this evening we had a guest to dinner, and making new friends is a real cure for homesickness.

So it has been a double whammy, and to top it all, the “chance of showers” never happened, so my commute home was achieved with the top down on my car, and the wind in my hair… As I said earlier, today has been a good day!


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