Macabre but fun

Growing up in and around Stratford-upon-Avon, England, it is unsurprising that a bit of greasepaint has rubbed off on me. Even now, living in the US of A, I had to find an outpouring for that pent up dramatist. I’ve never been one for am-dram, I don’t need to be center stage, in fact I am far happier back stage, rigging the lights or making the props. Fortunately my wife knows this, and when she saw this article “Buckets of Blood Means It’s Curtains” in the Washington Post, she sent it along to me…

So now I’m wondering if I can work a wet blood effect into this years halloween presentation in my neighbourhood. I’d already got ideas for a gallows, but now I’m wondering if the newly felled oak stump might not be better turned into a chopping block, with axe, head and oodles of pouring claret??? It’ll be a fun summer figuring it all out.

The only question is, will it be audience safe? When the trick-or-treaters vary in age from a few months in their parents arms, to about seventy, it is difficult to judge just how far I can go. Might be time to get the paper out and draw some roughs, if you’re really unlucky I might post them up here!


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