Cubicle Update

Normality has resumed in the bathrooms at my office, and with it life in general. A busy week has kept me focused on work, and a lack of free time has kept me away from posting. Not a good excuse, but ‘t will suffice!

One small update, on Tuesday, following Monday’s unpleasentness, I let my humour get the better of me, and resorted to posting the following sign in each of the cubicles of the gent’s restroom:

Caution – No Dumping – Thank you

and within a matter of minutes, somebody had been so offended that the sign was ripped from one of the stalls. How do I know, well I had my spies watching for me, or more accurately some of my coworkers have come to know my sense of humour… The offended party must be glad, my original choice had been this:

Flash Flood.  Be alert water may rise without warning. Fast moving water may result in serious injury or even death


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