The Queen’s 80th Birthday – Continued

As an ex-pat, stuck in an office in Washington D.C. without access to radio or television news, I have been following todays birthday celebrations here via the BBC website. They now have the full text of HRH the Prince of Wales’ birthday greeting and message to his mother. You can read the transcript here and even watch the broadcast here.

I know that many will regard me as a hopeless Royalist, and I know my view of the monarchy may not be shared by everyone in the United States, but I think Price Charles’ message shows the human side of what must be one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Most celebreties, be they musicians, athletes, or movie stars, have sought out the fame that they desired, even if they then spend small fortunes on bodyguards and bouncers to keep the public at bay. Her Majesty was born into her family, and prior to her uncle’s abdication knew that she would live a different life from which one couldn’t escape into anonimity. Now, as our Queen, she continues to perform a vast number of different duties, both national and charitable, and like Prince Charles I wish her many, many more happy birthdays.


One comment

  1. Universal Soldier · April 22, 2006

    They’ve had a few up and down years lately but I think they generally do a very good job – it was all the ‘lower’ royals but did my head in – at least we don’t pay for them now.

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