When it works

Modern architecture can be terrible. As I posted earlier, if it goes wrong in a suburban setting it can be a curse upon society. However, once in a while the perfect combination of stylistic bravery and finance comes along and something great is created. For example:

good modern architecture

This home is tucked away in Fairfax, Virginia, and is a brilliant example that a regular lot, on a regular road, off a major commuter route can be something other than a McMansion. This home is predominantly copper and concrete, two materials that wouldn’t be my first choice for any home, anywhere. Here though, on a sidestreet surrounded by woodlands, they work. The design is agressive and modern in style, strong boxy lines define the structure, but the subtle use of colour and the natural oxidisation of the copper make this structure a part of their surroundings, rather than an addition.

The one feature I’m not sure about is the narrow windows. I like light, and I like it to be natural when possible, and the road facing windows have always struck me as rather narrow and dark for such a large home. So if you are the owner, do post a comment and let us know how the narrow windows work with, or impact, the interior space.


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