Election Fever

On this day in 1997 Labour beat the Conservatives at the general election. On replacing 18 years of Tory rule a younger Tony Blair said:

For 18 years – 18 long years – my party has been in opposition. It could only say, it could not do.

Today, we are charged with the deep responsibility of government. Today, enough of talking – it is time now to do.”

We all have seen in the past years what he, and his party, have managed to do. Crime, Healthcare, Education, and the Environment have all suffered under “New Labour” and a strong message needs to be sent to the government that this mis-rule cannot go on.

In two days time many people in Britain go to the polls again for local elections, and once more it is vital that as many people as possible exercise their right to vote. As many as possible should show their displeasure at the continued mismanagement and spin brought about by the current government. So regardless of which party you decide to vote for, don’t vote for Labour.

Don’t forget to vote on May 4th!

Even ex-pats get to vote by post!!!

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