Sound advice

Another flying post, I really have to try and sort my life out so that I can spend the time required on all of my friendships, hobbies, and tasks. Ah well, in the mean time I’ll try and guide you all to something that has filled my ears with quality entertainment over the last few months.

First up, the only podcast I download regularly, the spectacular Folkcast. The show is monthly, and the archives have every show produced…they only started in January. If you imagine a combination of ‘rural pub folk night’ meets ‘Top Gear’ you’ll have a brief clue as to the treat your ears are in for. Oh, and it helps if you like folk music!

Secondly, but really a memorial to a strong, groundbreaking first, The Peel Tapes, a collection of links to recorded shows by John Peel, and yet more links to similarly minded sites. If you’re missing John’s unique sense of humour, love of a bon mot, and ability to play music at the wrong speed, then check out this wonderful resource. If you haven’t a clue what I am talking about, go and check out the BBC’s Keeping it Peel site, and the obligatory Wikipedia entry.

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