Just another day

I’d written a big post about today’s pulpectomy experiences, but trust me it wasn’t good reading. So instead, dear reader, I’ve decided to give you the 20 second version…

As I’m going on vacation at the end of June I’d decided to get the root canal surgery performed now so that there would be no risk of a dental emergency on holiday (I know from a nerve flaring up over Christmas that these things always happen at the wrong time).

The nerve was necrotic, and during the surgery we found it was starting to become inflamed, and could have become very painful at any moment.

Everything went well, and I’m now relaxing on anti-inflamatories and wondering why I decided to stay up so late when I need to be in the office early tomorrow to work back the time.

There, all the fun, and none of the gory details. Usual blog service will resume shortly.


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