Fictional Government

Okay, an additional quick bedtime post, but I saw this article in the Washington Post today, and laughed out loud.

When Whitehall Meets ‘The West Wing’

I’d always believed that New Labour thought they were a fictional government, and now it turns out that they shared more similarities than I knew. Okay, I confess I watched the first two seasons of West Wing, and enjoyed them. The plot was a bit shmaltzy at times, but it was preferable to real American politics, and at a time when my wife and I were in England, it was nice to see the exterior shots filmed around Washington D.C. even if they were few and far between. (Yes, we used to watch Patriot Games just for the Annapolis sequence!) However, seeing that Blair’s government seem to be living the plot of a disaster movie, their fascination with a fictional president where everything works out in the end is most alarming.


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