StoryCode & BlogCode

The number of interesting things you can find on the internet are many… Some are the kind of interesting you wish you didn’t know about, but here are two that I think you might like to see.

StoryCode is a brilliant idea where you review books that you read, and rate them on a variety of criteria. As more users review more books, patterns can be seen, and with some fancy calculations StoryCode can look at your reading preferences, and make suggestions based on them and the reviews of other readers to make suggestions as to other books you may want to read. I’ve not done the idea justice there, but check the site out. The service is free to join, and has lead to some fun, and interesting book choices.

While you’re in the mood, check out BlogCode which is by the same people. This site works on the same premise, that by reviewing what you currently enjoy reading in the blogsphere it can make suggestions of other blogs you may want to read. So do me a favour, and review this site now.

You can see what suggestions for similar reading BlogCode makes for blog in the box on the left!


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