The vanishing year

Been another one of those weekends, hasn’t it?

Time seems to be flying faster than ever as I storm through the first year of my thirties. I’ll be 31 in just under two months, and I’m not sure I’m used to being 30 yet! So what news since the last post? I’ve worked out once or twice, eaten meals made up solely of sushi twice…and on the same day. I’ve enjoyed a wonderful dinner with my wife and a fabulous friend in a small Lebanese restaurant and discovered that there are some fabulous red wines from that country. I’ve managed to lose three hours washing and waxing my car on a Sunday afternoon. I’ve applied for half a dozen jobs, and to a couple of recruitment agents, and heard several positive rumbles back. I’ve arranged a birthday lunch for a good collegue and discovered that a bad collegue is leaving… saved us the effort of firing her! What else, I’ve helped my father-in-law shift his train board, twice. Attended the cocktail evening of my firms user conference, and escaped from it as early as possible, because a night with 150 plus debt collectors is not my idea of fun, no matter how inebriated they may be. I’ve purchased Weekend Wodehouse by P.G. Wodehouse to expand my sense of humour further. I’ve listened to Turin Brakes album Ether Song completely through at least five times, and am still enjoying their slo-fi approach to music. I’ve averaged more than 28 miles per gallon in my car on my daily stop go commute, and found a few clear stretches of road to enjoy myself on…

Hang on a minute, I’ve just seen why time is flying by, and why I’m generally positive I have nothing to post about. I’ve been too damn busy to think! Ah well, I’ve the cure for that tomorow, another trip to the dental surgeon for more root canal fun. So fear not, dear reader, for I shall return again with a more fulfilling post soon!


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