A hybrid future

Another commute inspired post/car rant ahead, consider yourself warned

I’d heard the rumours, and wondered about the environmental impact of hybrid cars. Were the batteries durable, or did their energy output fade with age like the rechargable cells I used to power my radio controlled car with as a lad? Was the battery more of an environmental disaster than the carbon dioxide from a regular engine? Did the manufacturers have recycling plans in mind for old batteries?

So I hit the internet and found a couple of good pages for answers…

Hybrid Cars – Frequently Asked Questions

Treehugger.com – Should we be Worried About Hybrid-Car Batteries?

So to answer my worries, the batteries are expected to last for the life of the vehicle and will be replaced under warranty if needed. The batteries are also recycled when returned to the manufacturer and efforts are being made to ensure they are sent back. Now the only thing stopping me, aside from huge dental bills, is the fact I love my current car. Surely when I live in a country where 4 litre V8 pickup trucks buzz by on my daily commute my 1.6 litre 4 cylinder (which returns 28mpg on my daily stop-go commuter runs, more on highway driving) can’t be all that bad…

Check out a funky slideshow of hybrid myths here!


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