Lock Logic

Picture a scene; You’re on holiday. You’ve been to the theatre, and then on for a meal afterwards, it is late and you want to go to bed.

Now imagine that when you turn the key in the lock of your rental cottage it doesn’t open the door. In fact the lock jams so all you can do is remove the key and call a locksmith…

Mortise lock

The mortise lock had seized, and we needed to contact the owner of the cottage to see what they wanted us to do. By midnight our options were:

  • Kicking the door open (only works if it is your house, and you can repair the damage easily)
  • Breaking a window, and gaining entry that way (doesn’t resolve the lock problem, but gets you into the house)
  • Contact the owner, contact a locksmith, have the lock drilled, forced, and replaced (only works if you know who to call, and what to ask for)

We chose the third option, which is why at 3am on July 5th, 2006, I was chatting with Neil, a brilliant locksmith from Dyno Locks, whilst my wife slept in our rental car. You meet very interesting people (read drunks) at 2:30am when drilling the door of a rental cottage, and yes I was idiotic enough to answer the question “Is this your house” with the monosyllabic “No.”!!!

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