I-pod working conditions

I love my mp3 player, but it isn’t made by Apple.

I don’t own an I-pod because whenever I’ve used one I’ve been frustrated by the user interface. Pressing back doesn’t move me backwards, pressing down doesn’t regress a step, and did I click the center button
once/twice/enough are issues I don’t need to be considering when I just want to chill out. Don’t even get me started on I-tunes…

Here though is another reason, I’ve read articles before about the I-pod construction plants, and worker conditions, but here is an article from the BBC News website listing Apple’s own findings, and links to previous reports. I know it is naive of me to expect any other company to be any better, but when the I-pod price and brand identity is so high, shouldn’t some of that success, and cash, make it back to the person
making the device?

Or am I just being very idealistic here???

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