Eye sight and the driver

If you’re noticing a driving theme [sic] the last few days it is probably down to a few near misses on my daily commute. All occured when I had been travelling in the lane for some time, was moving at a consistent pace, and were in clear, dry, conditions during daylight hours. It just made me wonder if I was invisible, or if something was seriously wrong with some driver’s eyesight.

Seems I’m not alone in wondering about the visual, and cognitive competance of my fellow drivers, as can be seen in this article from the BBC News “Police pilot motorists’ eyetest”

Very interesting to read the following quote from Chris Potter, public health director of Newport Local Health Board:

“…in Gwent last year there were 47 deaths and the police consider only three of those to be related to speed – the rest is driver error.

And we don’t know if some of these are because of poor sight. We just want to know if bad eyesight is a problem on the roads or not.”

Speed can be dangerous, but if you can’t see clearly don’t drive!

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