Second John Peel Day Announced

The following is copied from the BBC News Website (

A second John Peel day will be held on 12 October to mark the anniversary of the late DJ’s last BBC Radio 1 show.

Bands, artists and DJs will be encouraged to stage concerts and club nights in honour of the celebrated broadcaster and new music champion.

“I hope many bands and venues will want to celebrate John’s anniversary,” said his widow Sheila Ravenscroft. “Everyone should have a fantastic night.”

Last year more than 500 music events took place around the UK and the world.

As well as airing a selection of classic Peel sessions, Radio 1 will report live from John Peel day events.

The station is also planning a John Peel night, to take place during its Electric Proms season in Camden, north London, between 25 and 29 October.

“Last year’s first John Peel day was a phenomenal success,” said Jason Carter, Radio 1’s live music and events editor.

He described 12 October “as a day in which we can celebrate the great man, new music and continue his legacy”.

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