The big dental experiment!

The day is finally here. The day that my wisdom teeth leave the rest of
me behind.

This is something I’ve been avoiding, one way or another, since I was
about 15. My amazing fear of dentists, and a simple explanation of the
pain involved, has kept me away from having this procedure done until I
am well beyond the “ideal window”. 31 isn’t that old, but apparently my
jawbone is now solid, the impacted teeth are now a danger to the rest of
my small mouth, and my very good dentist here in America has said it is
time to bite the bullet.

Actually, I’m taking the easy route, a general anesthetic. I know
taking all four teeth in one go will leave me looking like a hamster for
much of the next week, but right now I am more afraid of the needle
they’ll be knocking me out with than with the pain afterwards. I can
get good painkillers for that stage… I hope!

Anyway, if the posts get more erratic than usual, or suddenly start
making sense, you now know why!



  1. Vash · September 4, 2006

    I’ve got one up on you Ford, I did 24 years without a dentist and now have to face up to 5 extractions.

    Like you I’m going by the “knock me out” route. I saw the Consultant today, there’s about a three month waiting list so I can breathe and eat easily for a while to come!

  2. The Bard · September 5, 2006

    Ouch, that sounds nasty. Hope it all goes well for you, and remember to follow your dentist’s advice! My recovery has been relatively easy following their instructions to the letter. Best of luck.

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