Recovery Part 2

Some days are stranger than others. Maybe it is the Oxycodone, which is doing a pretty good job of keeping my post wisdom teeth extraction pain down to just an annoying throb, and is making me feel a bit like a kitten (all questions, confusion and more chaos than normal), or maybe it is the fact that there is a small sound booth built from heavy blankets in the room next door.

There is a session in effect and we have a talented vocalist, my brilliant composer wife, and our good friend the exceptionally brilliant sound engineer all working away in what in most town homes would be the small front bedroom. The only downside is that my study is next door, and my typing too loud, so I’m back down in the basement (lovingly nicknamed ‘the pub’ due to its beams, fireplace, and large collection of British beer cans and bottles) blogging on the laptop.

On the recovery front things are going well, although the tenderness, and inability to eat solid food is starting to be a bit boring.

A brilliant explanation of wisdom teeth and problems you can have with them, can be found here


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