Yuck – the saga continues

I’m feeling much better as my recovery continues, and more than 24 hours without Percocet seems to have done me the world of good. Pain is not a big concern, and it just feels like I’ve been clenching my teeth for a while. Actually, come to think about it, it feels like I had four teeth removed last Thursday, strange that…

However, we are reaching a new stage of the recovery process, described on Wikipedia thus:

Due to the blood clots that form in the exposed sockets as well as the abundant bacterial flora in the mouth, an offensive smell may be noticeable a short time after surgery. This is to be expected and will diminish over an indefinite amount of time, although one to two weeks is normal. However, a persistent bad smell may be accompanied by an equally rancid-tasting fluid seeping from the wounds. [Full article here]

and I would like to confirm that when they say rancid, they aren’t kidding. The disgusting scent is bad enough for others you may come into contact with, but trust me it is even worse if it is coming from your own mouth. I am hoping the “idefinite amount of time” is less than two weeks, else I may be sleeping outside, and banned from the office!


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