Back in the days of my (occaisionally mis-spent) youth, I was a grid marshal at my local Kart racing circuit, Shenington. Since then I have suffered a fondness for the smell of fuel and oil, scorched rubber, and the sound of the pits and the track. Okay, I admit I was a motorsport fan of the television kind before, but this made it real, physical, and frequently inches from crushing your toes! Since those days I’ve tried being a paying spectator, and even managed to blag trackside photographer and pit passes on lucky days, but it just isn’t the same.

So when I woke this morning with an image of a frosty circuit in late season early morning sunshine glittering in my mind, I thought I’d see what resources were there if I wanted to get back to marshalling… ignoring the fact I’m in the US now, and not near my “home” circuits. Once I saw what was out there I thought I’d make a post of it, since I’m sure somebody else must want to get up insanely early to stand in the cold, the heat, the sun and the rain, watching crazy people in a variety of vehicles. So here are some links…

Motor Sports Association, the sole motor sport governing body for the United Kingdom.

Volunteers In Motorsport, the British government’s amazingly quiet campaign to encourage participation in motorsport.

British Motorsport Marshals Club, formerly known as the British Motor Racing Marshals Club – is the main organisation for marshals in the UK. Made up of more than 1,750 men and women drawn from all walks of life, the BMMC can lay claim to being the leading independent marshals’ club in Europe – and possibly the world.

Protrain Racing Products Ltd., for all the times I drank tea in the van!

and finally, Shenington Kart Racing Club, a windy WW2 airfield at the top of Edge Hill in Warwickshire. Don’t forget to admire the brilliant view to be had driving down Sunrising Hill afterwards!


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