More Motorsport

After the last post about becoming a marshal, how could I possibly avoid a post about the biggest news in Formula 1 motor racing this week? What story, well the announcement that Schumacher is to quit at the end of the year.

The problem is this isn’t the only big story. Michael’s win came after a practice session marred by a very suspect call by the stewards that saw Renault’s Fernando Alonso stripped of his three best qualifying times for impeding Felipe Massa. This lead to many questions from television presenters, viewers and fans, and even team bosses (although Flavio Briatore later reversed his comments) about what the stewards were planning. I for one won’t be surprised if Schumi magically strolls away with a final world championship title. Schumacher is a brilliant driver, and a truely exceptional racer in wet conditions. However his career has been tarnished by a number of incidents (Schumacher’s tainted legacy) which show either a grim determination to win at all costs, or some truely terrible management decisions. Unfortunately this means that his decision to retire from driving at the end of the year has brought both positive and negative comments. (Thoughts on Schumacher) With the scandal and rumours of recent years (US Grand Prix 2005, Monza Unsafe!, international incident in Turkey, Mass damper rulings ) it makes one wonder where Formula 1 is going. Will we ever see a return to the sportsmanship and racing of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s??? I hope that with a new team from Prodrive joining in 2008, we’ll see new drivers and new teams bringing a new excitement into the sport. With some wise decisions, and maybe a reshuffle at the top (sorry Mr Ecclestone!example #1, example #2) we might get Formula 1 to remember it is the cream of motorsport, and not the just big money, team politics, and the entertainment pages on wheels.

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