Back from The Alden, St Pete Beach

We’ve been away the last few days, and this is where… The Alden, St Pete Beach. The pictures do not do it justice, and we’re well rested after four days of beach living.

Anway, we’ll now return you to our usual irregular service!



  1. Vash · September 19, 2006

    Looks like a nice place to go, but tell me, just what is shuffleboard and did you have go?

  2. The Bard · September 20, 2006

    Unfortunately I’m too young to play shuffleboard… apparently it involves pensioners pushing disks down a court towards some rings, you get points for landing your disk in the smallest ring. Looked a bit like quoits or horseshoes, but without the throwing… hey, I was too busy drinking and lounging by the pool to really notice 😉

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