What did you do this evening?

I started work on the “work” Halloween costume. After two years as the grim reaper, I am fed up with having to wear a hot and stuffy full face mask all day. So this year we’re going for something a bit more costumey… I’m making a prosthetic chest with a keyboard stabbed into it. The keyboard still has clickable keys, and even the Num Lock light still functions (simple electronics from a simple electrician). Throw in some blood and gore, and I should be good to go.

Oh, and yes, I did say “work” costume. I’ve just realised that with the work fancy dress, the annual haunting of the covered bridge in my neighbourhood (this year in aid of UNICEF), plus a Halloween Party for our friends the weekend before the big night, I need at least 3 costumes!!! Ah well, good thing I enjoy the setup as much as I do. Which reminds me I need to shift the boxes out of the loft, last years props need to be checked before a shopping trip this weekend.

Previously on the bridge…
coffin dodger
His-n-Her Haunting

The themes this year… The Bridge is going to be a Witches and Wizards theme, as this year we have more young kids in the neighbourhood, and although I like a good scream as much as the next freak, I have to live here the other 364 days of the year too, oh and the party will be Rocky Horror themed, and before anyone asks, I will be Riff-Raff much as I keep threatening to pull on some fishnets and do a Frank!!!

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