Check your tyres

This is a safety announcement. “Check your tyre pressures!”.

I’m watching the Chinese Grand Prix on the Speed channel with a laptop on my lap, and suddenly during a commercial break Mario Andretti appeared to tell the viewers to check their “tire” (well it is the USA) pressures regularly. You can watch the television spots at

It made me think of the huge number of cars, trucks, and SUVs I see every day on my commute with tyres that are visibly under inflated. I’m not talking about slightly bowed tyrewalls, I mean utterly flat, almost on the rim tyres. It is worrying how many of these drivers are also on cellphones (hopefully calling for assistance) or drinking coffee. It makes no sense to me, since even a slightly underinflated tyre will impact road holding, vehicle control, and fuel economy. It takes a few minutes a week to ensure that you’re safe, and better fuel milage means you save money and the environment. So please, check your tyres/tires!


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