And nobody mentioned gun control (comparison)

There are many websites here in the US, and many more people reading them, who strongly believe that being able to own a gun is a basic right. They claim it isn’t easy access to guns and ammunition that leads to people being shot, and that crime can be actively reduced by allowing gun ownership (, the NRA ). These people hold sway over a large number of politicians and votes ( Wikipedia – Gun politics in the United States).

However, I find myself comparing the events which lead to my earlier posting “And nobody mentioned gun control” with this story from today’s BBC News website ” Three held after school shooting”. Just read the story now, and note the following points:

  • The ‘gunman’ was a thirteen year old
  • The weapon used was an air-rifle
  • Nobody in the busy playground was harmed
  • Police arrested those involved

Contrast this with the events in the schools of the United States. It is a point where statistics don’t really work. To say, as has been quoted in some “pro-gun” articles, that schools are safe with gun laws as they are because so few children are shot each year misses a vital point;

  • No child should be shot, regardless of whether they are in school or not.

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