John Peel Day II

John Peel DayThe second John Peel Day has arrived, 12th October 2006, the anniversary of John Peel’s last live broadcast.It is strange to think that two years have passed since that last broadcast, stranger still to think fo all the moonlit drives across Warwickshire on which John was my only company. THere is a whole wild belt of music that I’d never have heard if it hadn’t been for those late night shows, playing me home after a night out with friends.

So, in keeping with the man’s eccentric, eclectic, and all encompassing musical tastes be sure to check out the Keeping It Peel pages on the BBC website, and if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, maybe go to a Peel Day Gig, or listen to some classic from the past courtesy of Right Time, Right Place, Wrong Speed.

Most importantly of all, on this as with any other day, listen to something new, tune the radio to a different station, check out a new podcast, or play something different on the tape/record/CD/MP3 player, and keep new music alive in your mind too…


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