What I’ve been missing

I’ve been rather busier than normal the last few days, hence the drop in posts… The hectic rate of work, life, and attempting to tile a bathroom in record time, have all conspired to leave me feeling in need of a nice cup of tea and a good days sleep [so far I’ve managed 50% of that list].

I’ve missed an interesting few days stories too, so here are a few things I didn’t get to talk about;

Unbelievably 36% of the world think torture is acceptable. All seriousness aside, torture is wrong for extracting confessions in the criminal process, but possibly justifiable for people who drive to close together in fog, and people who don’t turn off their mobile phones or use laser pointers in cinemas and theaters. BBC News – One-third support ‘some torture’

The United States has declared an intention to annex space, making everything outside the atmosphere available only to “friends and allies”. Well, Iraq is going so well at the moment… BBC News – US adopts tough new space policy and Washington Post – Bush Sets Defense As Space Priority

Tony Blair demands more power for control orders, in a manner which makes you wonder if we’re watching the funeral of ‘habeas corpus’. BBC News – Blair hits back on control orders and Top judge backs Human Rights Act

North Korea contemplates testing another nuclear bomb, and burning any bridges to the outside world it still has left. BBC News – China pressures N Korean leader

TVR announces (via an external PR Company) that it is shifting production to “Europe”. Their Russian owner removing the oldest of Britain’s independent car manufacturers, going back on his word to invest in the company and secure the workers jobs, and making several hundred people unemployed for Christmas. Pistonheads.com – Flash! TVR moves to Europe

Lotus USA manages to bolster flagging Elise sales figures by striking a fleet deal with Enterprise car hire. Kicking Tires – Lotus Offers Elise to Rental Fleet

And finally Darwin’s life works are being made available for free online… so at least there was some good news in there, although I expect the creationist movement will do its best to ban access to the site. BBC News – Charles Darwin’s works go online and The Complete Works of Charles Darwin Online

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