Art for arts sake!

A few years back Honda made a television commercial that captured everyones imagination. The commercial was titled “Cog” ( REad about it at Wikipedia – Cog (television commercial) and watch it here ), and was a beautifully crafted sequence of car parts falling into each other like dominoes. The real beauty from my perspective was that the effect was “physical”, filmed on camera rather than via computer graphics. Many elements were helped via various mechanical tricks, but it was a “real” sequence with the computers just doing the menial work of hiding the wires, and obscuring the odd hand…
Now Sony has achieved a similar advertising feat with Sony Bravia – The Advert. I’m not as utterly drawn in by the sheer artistry as I was by “Cog”, but it is definitely a commercial that involved a lot of paint! For me, once again, the beauty is that instead of resorting to a computer effect, the creative brains behind the commercial decided that the best way to create the desired effect was to create the effect for real. In this instance the effect of a huge explosion of colour has been created by a vivid and physical explosion of biodegradable, water based colour on a housing estate awaiting demolition, and once again just use the computers for cleaning up what is a breathtaking visual effect.
Read all about it on BBC News – Purple Rain and then click on Sony Bravia – The Advert and watch the commercial itself. Oh, and I’ve no idea why the clown appears…


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