On the Appalachian trail

Saturday saw a break from the tile laying and various other DIY chores ahead of “Halloween” next weekend, and we took the chance to escape to the mountains. That phrase may seem strange to our British readers, but whereas a thirty mile journey may be seen as a “trip” back home in England, here in the United States, a two hour drive for the simple joy of seeing leaves change colour seems perfectly natural… Okay, maybe not prefectly natural, but well worth while…

In fifteen minutes I could drive in to downtown Washington, D.C., and in an hour or so drives east I could reach the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic tide waters, however in an hour or so drives west I can reach the “Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia”, it really is a strange place to live, and the mountains loook a bit like this…

Those pictures still do not quite describe the amazing views we saw up in the mountains on Saturday, but it gives you an idea of how we can easily move from the “tidewater” lowlands of the Fairfax County area to the forests and rural landscape of “Virginia”.


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