Brazilian Grand Prix 2006

[Written with 50 laps remaining]

What a weekend for Formula One, with the end of so many racing relationships on the track at Sao Paulo.

  1. Michael Schumacher official “retirement” from racing.
  2. Cosworth leaves F1.
  3. Michelin leaves Formula One and rules out a comeback.

With so many new drivers and the changes in sponsorship and regulations, this is the final race of an era and not a good race for Williams or Toyota…

Now as many of this blogs readers are based in the UK, I better explain that the Speed TV coverage may be badgered by commercial breaks but it doesn’t suffer from James Allen! The presenters on Speed are:

  • David Hobbs, ex-driver with more than 30 years of international driving experience, including Formula One, Touring Car, and Nascar –
  • Peter Windsor, known in the UK as the voice of the pre and post race press conferences, provides the Speed TV pre-race grid walkabout coverage as well as the pitlane commentary.
  • Steve Matchett
  • Bob Varsha

So a flat rear meant Michael didn’t get his final World Title, but I definitely felt Alonso has deserved this championship, especially after some of the more interesting judgement calls earlier in the season.

Thanks to for the James Allen T-shirt link.


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